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Friday, January 9, 2015

Painters 11 Durham Area Scavenger Hunt

I've never been down to the point where Thickson Road meets Lake Ontario before. It's a littly nook past the suburban plaza's and industrial whateverness into a wee oasis of the clearly lovely. Alexandra Luke's (former) house, is located in this nook.

The Painters 11 were formed in this house.

This is the Oshawa YWCA. It was the site of "The Canadian Abstract Exhibition" which is purported to be the first entirely abstract exhibition in the history of Canada. Many of the Painters 11 were included in this exhibition. It was organized by Alexandra Luke.

This is Adelaide House in Oshawa. It (like basically everything else in this town) was founded by one of the McLaughlins. It was the site of one of the first Painters 11 shows in 1955. (Once again, this show was orgaized by Alexandra Luke.)

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