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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Notes from the underground

Installation shot of my JMD inspired watercolour landscapes.

I also reconfigured my box sculpture yesterday. For now, I like it better. But we'll see how long these last.

reconfigured box sculpture one

reconfigured box sculpture two

reconfigured box sculpture three

Installation of Gallery A with reconfigured box sculptures

The other thing I worked on yesterday was this:

Studio note:

That was a whole lot of exacto knifing. I filled the text with thick, creamy white, brush-strokey oil paint, and then removed the tape. Because the whole painting is really subtle tonal variations of white, it is more or less impossible to photograph with my cell phone. That doesn't matter though, because the piece kind of sucks. It looks very "student", and that's just not good enough. This is a most unfortunate development as the html text was one of the central ideas in this show. Basically, if you type that text into a web site program, it will produce an image of one of my 'actual' paintings. Cool idea, right? Ya. I thought so too. But ya. It's totally not going to work. Maybe if I had another month, I could get them to work while maintaining the central idea. Maybe. But even if I could get the paintings to work individually as paintings, they really don't seem to work with the rest of the installation. The use of actual language (even though it's an 'unreadable' computer one) and actual written characters doesn't go at all with the abstract language displayed in the rest of the exhibition. So ya. I gotta figure out something else, and something quick. The paintings totally suck the way that they are, and I have a little over a week to make them good.

I totally feel like I'm on one of those HGTV cooking shows right now.

Oh ya! On a note that's completely unrelated to the rest of this post:

I met David T. Alexander at my Kelowna opening. He's living there these days. What an awesome guy. We had drinks afterwards and everything. Dude taught at friggin' Emma Lake. Like. For real.

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