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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Correspondence with Victoria Sigurdson

Hello, Pete:

I finally found a few moments to look into your query –we have two photographs of Jock (the aforementioned one with students in the classroom and a second one with George Pepper) and we have some secondary sources of information (two Alumnus newsletter articles from the 1980’s on him).

If you are looking for insight into the pedagogy/curriculum of the school around Jock’s time, reviewing the yearly calendar/prospectuses would probably be useful. Jock is listed as an instructor in the calendars from 1948-1960; under ’Still Life & Composition’ for a time and then under ‘Drawing & Painting’ from 1952-1960. The prospectuses generally contain images of student work, which provide useful information in terms of assignments and learning outcomes.

In terms of locations where he might have taught, I did not find any references to specific office of classroom numbers. However, according to some committee minutes from the 1950’s, drawing and painting classes around the beginning of Jock’s tenure were held in the George A. Reid building (although the college was scattered across three different buildings at that time). When 100 McCaul was built (expanding the Reid space), it looks like Drawing & Painting remained in the Reid building on the 2nd floor along with newly allotted studio space throughout the 3rd floor of 100 McCaul. The offices for Drawing & Painting in 100 McCaul were centered along the west side of the building on the second and third floors (for example, on the second floor, I believe that this is the area beside the café at the back of the Great Hall where windows look onto Grange park).

If you’d like to make an appointment to view the prospectuses or if you have additional questions, just let me know. I have time in my schedule this week for appointments on Wednesday from 9:30am-12:30pm or 9:00am-5:00pm on Thursday.




Victoria Sigurdson MLIS, BFA Visual Art (Hons)

Head, Visual Resources & Special Collections

Dorothy H. Hoover Library

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