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Thursday, January 8, 2015

I'm getting pretty excited for Friday night.

Ya. Openings are pretty fun. Everybody tells you how awesome you are. Even when they're lying, it's still super fun times. I'm particularly excited because this show is also opening on Friday night, and I'm told most of the artists will be in attendance. I know Heather Nicol and Kim Adams a bit, and Monica Tap was one of my grad school advisors, so I'm pretty pumped. Really, that's my favourite part of all this: the interaction with your peers (and mentors). It's fun showing other places and all, (Lisbon was fun, and I'm pumped about Kelowna), but nothing beats showing at home. It's where your peers are. It's where the people who you really care what they think of you are. So I'm really glad that some Toronto people are going to come out. I live out this way, and I'm friends with artists out here, but Toronto will always be my art home.

It's funny because everyone is so much more impressed when you show other places. I am a total home body, I guess.

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